Owen Wyke

I write literary fiction, from my home in northeast Connecticut. Trees surrounding the house include the white oak, the sugar maple, the Japanese maple, the blue spruce, the black birch and the holly. Wee flora include the clover, scarlet pimpernel and purple loosestrife.

I'm fond of the typefaces Janson Text (prose) and Trebuchet MS (headings). Page numbers go at the top and right. Once upon a time I used LibreOffice, an excellent free word processor that I recommend. Today, I use Pages and MS Word.

My novel-in-progress, Seely Catch, is all about myth and musing, and cumber hearts and quippish souls, and the promise of ancient names. Many trees are noted, none of them die. No one dies. Goddesses and gods do not interfere with anyone's life. Irritating spirits do.

I edit the literary journal Gone Lawn, which publishes progressive fiction, prose and prose poetry as well as audible and illustrated works.

I have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to connect with me.

I can be reached directly at owenwyke at gmail.


Seely Catch : novel

Published Short Pieces

2013 : All Our Animal Dead : [A-Minor]
2013 : The Well Wishers : [Cease, Cows - September]
2013 : The Free Sounds: House of X : [Cease, Cows - May]
2013 : A Language of Trenches : ["Word Swell" (anthology)]
2011 : Sound and Sky : [Anemone Sidecar #15]
2011 : House of the Letter L [Café Irreal]
2010 : An Audible Palace : [Exclusive #3]
2010 : Leisure : [Kill Author #10]
2007 : Growing Home : [Snow Monkey #18 (print)]
2007 : Climbing the People : [Snow Monkey #18 (print)]
2006 : Hills of Teeth : [Spinning Jenny (print)]


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