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Owen Kaelan
Maura Yzmore

#39: Owen Kaelan
#29 - #38: Owen Kaelan + Beth Gordon
#18 - #28: Owen Kaelan
#17: Owen Kaelan + Rory Fleming
#11 - #16: Owen Kaelan + Yarrow Paisley
#1 - #10: Owen Kaelan, except for #6 and #8

Gone Lawn 6 was guest-edited by Alana I Capria. Gone Lawn 8 was guest-edited by the late Edmond Caldwell (remembered).

Gone Lawn happens first in Connecticut, then in the Servers, deep within that collectivist mycelial mass better known as the interwebs.

You may find us at gonelawn at gmail period com, our goodly gazebo and official receiving place.

We're listed on EWR, The Grinder, Poets & Writers, Eyes Forward.

Three of our authors' pieces have been reprinted in "Best Indie Lit New England, Volume 2", 2015, by Black Key Press.

Due to dire straits, we are reintroducing our donation option. Feel free to donate, if you are able and so inclined, and if you are, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gone Lawn has striven for a long time to be apolitical and socially unbiased. That said, we have always supported Black Lives Matter and opposed police brutality and policing excess. It's high time everyone acted.

Gone Lawn's emblem was drawn by Owen Kaelan.

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