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Owen Wyke
Amy Cipolla Barnes

Issues prior to autumn of 2021 were edited by Owen Wyke and . . .
Maura Yzmore : 40—41
Beth Gordon : 29—38
Rory Fleming : 17
Yarrow Paisley : 11—16

. . . except . . .
Gone Lawn 6 which was kindly guest-edited by Alana I Capria.
Gone Lawn 8 which was kindly guest-edited by Edmond Caldwell.

You may find us at gonelawn@gmail.com, our good gazebo and official receiving place.

Gone Lawn and its editors are present on Twitter and Bluesky and Facebook. Feel free to connect with us there.

We're listed on EWR, The Grinder, Poets & Writers, Notebooking Daily.

Three of our authors' pieces have been reprinted in Best Indie Lit New England, Volume 2, 2015, by Black Key Press.

Gone Lawn's emblem was drawn by Owen Wyke.

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