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Cezarija Abartis:
Orpheus and Eurydice: Letters and Stories, GL 25
Amber, GL 41

Kristin Abraham: Rosie Adams: Trey Adams: John Gabriel Adkins: Abhineet Agarwal: Kallirroe Agelopoulou: Sarah Ahmad: Miriam Alex: Jessica Alexander:
The Nurse, GL 25

Maya Alexandri: Sobia Ali: Ashlie Allen:
Vocal Chords + Demon Hair, GL 18
Dakila + Hello, GL 19
Trespasser + Hearty Strings, GL 31

Brianne Allen: Christopher Allen:
Pru in the Dimple of the Broad-Smiling Boy, GL 6
What If All the Oceans, GL 34

Lisa Alletson: Mileva Anastasiadou: Rose Andersen:
The Gift, GL 26

Evan Anderson: Kristen Julia Anderson: Nathan Anderson:
A Name, GL 36

Matthew J Andrews:
The Sale, GL 42

Madeline Anthes:
Runners, GL 28

Josh Anthony: Nicholas P Anthony: Matthew Antonio: Mikki Aronoff: The Trapeze Artist, GL 45
Now We See See You, Now We Don't, GL 51

Andrew Arthur: Artemis Asio: Marc Atkinson:
Five Fears, GL 15

Lisa Attanasio: Nancy Au: Kirill Azernyi: Naomi Azriel:
A Three Minute Editorial Board Meeting, GL 48

Alexander V Bach: Maryam Bahraminejad:
Listen, GL 25
A A Balaskovits: Marie Baleo:
Signed, GL 26

Devon Balwit: Aja & W C Bamberger:
Elonora Balsano:
Forgotten, Forgiven, GL 49

Maggie Bára: Tina Barry:
“Ghosts?” + Henrietta asks about my sex life + So, your father, Henrietta says, GL 49

Julie Brooks Barbour: Abbie Barker: Cécile Barlier:
Home, GL 33

Amy Barnes:
Goldilocks + Docked, GL 41

Elodie Barnes:
Back Home, GL 41

Sandra K Barnidge:
The Box, GL 36

Maria Alejandra Barrios: Tina Barry: L S Bassen: Cayce Bat: Jacqueline Bédard: Jack Bedell:
June Bug, GL 38

AND / WHAT / SO + little mistakes, GL 47
When i think of my mother, i remember, GL 50

Hugh Behm-Steinberg:
Luna Park + Don't! + The Secret Ingredient, GL 12

Lisa Bellamy: HC Bending: Blair Benjamin:
Touch Tank, GL 45

Emi Benn: Tantra Bensko:
Breaking the Seal, GL 1;

Dick Bentley: Victoria Buitron: Natasha Burge: Ariel Berry: Andrew Bertaina: The English Professor, GL 51

Shinjini Bhattacharjee:
Sarah as a glass chamber + Watching a Woman Breathe Out an &, GL 17

Mary Biddinger: Catherine Biggart:
Hunger, GL 12

Lyndy Biller: Paper Doll, GL 51

Jane Biral: Joe Bisicchia:
Suspension of Belief + Call of the Raven, GL 48

Sheila Black: Xavier Blackwell-Lipkind: Annie Blake: Dana Blatte:
Midas, GL 39

CL Bledsoe: Lisa Bledsoe: Meredith Blankinship: William Blome: Sam Bloom:
Birds, GL 28

Greg Bogaerts: Wendy BooydeGraaff: Daniel Borzutzky:
The Mall, GL 4

Kelli Short Borges:
Fledgelings + Hero, GL 50

Kristy Bowen:
from apocalypse theory: a reader, GL 12

Andi Boyd: Frances Boyle: April Bradley:
Encoded, GL 45

James Bradley: S T Brant: Tammy Breitweiser: R Bremner: Al Bray: Sean Brijbasi:
Andreas Britz:
The Fan, GL 17

Hannah Brown: Kelly Brown:
Jackrabbit, GL 22

Michaela Brown:
Way Down, GL 49

Randall Brown: Beth Browne:
The Wild Flight of Bookshop Chair, GL 14

Saturn Browne:
Migration Pattern, GL 50

Bri Bruce:
When We Came to Live in the Little Yellow house + In the Wind, GL 49

Erich Brumback: Natasha Burge: John Buhrmann:
Encoded, GL 45

Brian Builta: Owen Bullock:
The Advice Box + Language Tic(k)s, GL 48

Rand Burgess: William Burtch:
Peep Quack, GL 42

Carly Bush:
Atrium, GL 35

Jacob Butlett: Natasha Cabot:
Spinning, GL 1

Imaani Cain: John Cairns:
Dark Side, GL 11

Lauren Camp:
The Future of These Days + The Sun Sings of Escape, GL 48

Andy Campbell:
1: A digital poem that gets eaten by a parasite, GL 41

Natalie Campisi: Jane Rebecca Cannarella: Dakota Canon: Sarah E Caouette:
proof., GL 19

David Capps:
Carnival Divorce, GL 49

Alana I Capria: The Bride Resists the Chamber, GL 3

Roberto Carcache Flores: Jason Carney:
Convalesce, GL 24

Anika Carpenter:
A Rising Tide, GL 50

Tess Carroll:
Origin of the Jaggedog, GL 31

Jan Carson:
The Future, GL 14

Salena Casha: James Cato: Jessica Cavero:
Pierced, GL 33

Joel Chace:
Branches, GL 24

Leigh Chadwick: Matthew Chamberlin:
Committal, GL 21

Michael Chaney: Sara Biggs Chaney: Abigail Chang: K-Ming Chang:
Ouyang Ayi, GL 39

Myna Chang:
Empire, GL 40
Catastrophic Disruption, GL 44

Anne Cheilek: Christine H Chen: Amanda Chiado:
Great Fish, GL 17

Ben Child: MDS Chill: Kim Chinquee: Jamez Chang: Joyce Chong:
Entomophobia, GL 15

Slip, GL 34

James Claffey:
Easter Sunday, GL 7

Holt Clark: Cassandra A Clarke: Kelle Schillaci Clarke: Sarah Clayville: Brad Cobb: Thomas Cochran: Christopher K Coffman: Gabriel Coffman: Lise Colas: Michael Cole: W A Coleman: Emily Collins: Sheldon Lee Compton:
Other Ears Look Fine, GL 16
The Good Life, GL 41

Jude Conlee: Bill Cook: Rebecca Cook: Thomas Cook: Lancaster Cooney: Savannah Cooper: Amanda Corbin: Mike Corrao: Dawn Corrigan: Katie Cortese: Natalie Cortez-Klossner: Augusto Corvalan: Chella Courington:
Parenting 101 + Three Quarter Time + Chopped Salad
for One
, GL 10
Ayn Frances dela Cruz:
Sean Cunningham: Deirdre Danklin: Judy Darley: Justin Lawrence Daughterty: Lâle Davidson: Ciahnan Darrell: Joseph Dante:
Elixirs, GL 27

Subhravanu Das: Shome Dasgupta: Peanut Butter, GL 48

Daniel Davis:
The Girls, GL 7

Tommy Dean: Jacques Debrot: Mary DeCarlo:
The Internet's Predicting the End Times Again, GL 48

Daniel DeRock: Gay Degani: Jake Deluca: Scott Daughtridge DeMer: Carol Deminski: Tyler Dempsey:
Time As a Sort of Enemy, GL 24
The Equation, GL 33

Stephanie Devine: Lisa De Young: Shiksha Dheda: James Diaz: Michael Díaz Feito: Mike DiChristina:
Appeal, GL 2

Christopher DiCicco: Stephanie Dickinson: Salvatore Difalco:
Squalo, GL 28
The Dead Canary + The Dalí Lobster, GL 41

Daniel DiFranco: Justin Dobbs:
M, GL 27

Matthew Donahue: Sheila Dong: John Dorroh: How Fast Can You Run from the City?, or Requiem for the Perfect Ditch, GL 37
A School Mix, GL 45

Jérémi Doucet: Rachel A Dowling: Jacqueline Doyle: B L Draper: Sarah Dravec: Christopher M Drew: Sidney Dritz: Duncan Drury: Cowger, GL 51

Merridawn Duckler: Alex Duensing: Molia Dumbleton: Robin Wyatt Dunn: Sarah Dunphy-Lelii: Erika Eckart: Annabelle Edwards:
Freckles, GL 14

Austin Eichelberger: Alicia Elkort: Berit Ellingsen: Philip Elliott: R H Emmers: william erickson: Light Emitting Diode + CUratorial Experience, GL 51

Susan Emshwiller: Kelsey Englert: Denise Falcone: Kim Farleigh: Dion Farquhar: George J Farrah: William Fedigan: Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi: Alder Fern: Rebecca Field : Jamie Finn: Kathy Fish: Connor Fisher: K M Flatowicz-Farmer: Rory Fleming:
Palette Swap, GL 9
Gloams, GL 12
Pride & Disappointment, GL 14

Elizabeth Fletcher:
Threshold, GL 42

Peri Fletcher: Jennifer Fliss: Womman Comma Witcy, GL 51

Stephanie Flood: Sandra Florence: Spencer Folkins: Craig Foltz: Emily Fontenot: Pat Foran: Nigel Ford: Quinn Forlini: Lindsay Fowler: Amarie Fox:
Dead Girls, GL 13

Nolcha Fox: Samuel J Fox: Alison Fraser:
Pruning, GL 47

Meg Freer: C D Frelinghuysen:
Tesseract, GL 35

Jenny Fried: Erik Fuhrer:
They, GL 32

James Gabriel: Kaitlyn Gaffney:
The Woods, GL 31

Joanna Galbraith: Mike Gallagher: Julie Gard: Richard Garni:
Scott Garson: Reality Show + Case, GL 51

ΩLauren Brazeal Garza: Steven Genise:
Harvesting Marsh Grass, GL 34

Perry Genovesi:
Shrinking Capital, GL 50

Angela Genusa:
The Baby, GL 8

Michelle Geoga: Steve Gergley:
Listen, GL 49

Christien Gholson: Elizabeth Gibson: Kait Gilleran: Beth Gilstrap: Ron Gibson Jr.: Lisa Glasgow: Katherine Gleason:
Envelop Me, GL 35

Samara Golabuk: Alisa Golden: Aleah Sterman Goldin: Anthony Gomez III: Carley Gomez:
Saplings, GL 33

Tatiana Gonzalez:
The Fawn, GL 18

Ian Goodale: Melissa Goode: Beth Gordon:
Man Finds 6-Month-Old Grandson's Coffin Floating in Water +
, GL 25

Anita Goveas:
0 Degrees, GL 39

Laura Grace:
Unfound, GL 17

Jennifer Gravley:
This Moment Forward in My Body, GL 32

Kelly Gray:
Sick Like a + I Took a Thousand Pictures of You, GL 45

Alyssa Greene:
Aftermath, GL 30

Sarah Greenslit: David Greenspan:
She Puts Makeup on the Shelf + One Thousand Times in my Head + I Don't Care What They Say about Us Anyway + Let's Be Friends and Just Walk Away, GL 7

Jamie Grefe:
To Damp Spit; To What Remains; To Polluted Interiors; To Renewal, GL 5;
Obscurities of the Doom Horizon (A Series of Forty Eight Interconnected Stories), GL 9

Avery Gregurich: All About Breathing, GL 48

Nicholas Grider: Pearl A Griffin: Gabrielle Griffis:
Croneswort, GL 37

Ivy Grimes: Carol Guess:
Samantha Guss: Lianuska Gutierrez: Peter Gutierrez: Lydia Copeland Gwyn: Betsy Finesilver Haberl: David Hadbawnik: Kim Hagerich: Brittany Hailer:
Prophecy, GL 25

Ashley Hajimirsadeghi: Billy Hallal: Yoni Hammer-Kossoy: Charlotte Hammond: Rachel Hammond: Charlotte Hamrick: Paul Handley:
Glam / Smut, GL 13

Joel Hans:
A Protest of Tortoise, GL 50

Nels Hanson:
Update, GL 22

Senia Hardwick:
Gauze Doll, GL 14

Clarice Hare: C J Harrington: L Mari Harris:
Exchange, GL 47

Emily Harrison:
Bait, GL 34

Amber Colleen Hart: Candace Hartsuyker: j/j hastain:
From _Between diaspora and diapason_, GL 8
Compulsion and Coercion + Hot Slit, GL 14

Stephen Hastings-King: Chris Haven: Roger Hecht:
Dog Person, GL 31

Jenny Hedley:
Killing the Lizard, GL 35

Justin Heinze:
I saw you by the wrecking post, GL 50

Margarét Helgadóttir:
Worker of the Year, GL 15
Death Wish, GL 21

Russell Hemmell: Kyle Hemmings:
Cat People #14: Magicians + Cat People #12: Tell-Tale Nights in the Heart of the City + Cat People #13: Noir + She Sounds Like Joni Mitchell Singing in a Taxi Whenever It Rains, GL 4

David Henson: Jessica Hermes: Jason Heroux: Julie A Hersh: Mickey Hess: Travis Hessman: Micah Dean Hicks: Frederick Highland: Nancy Hightower: Ann Hillesland: Millie Ho: Emily Hockaday: John Oliver Hodges: Rebecca Hoffman: Franziska Hofhansel: Anderson Holderness: Pauline Holdsworth:
Amphibians, GL 47

Kaely Horton: J D Hosemann: Daniel Hudon: Jen Schalliol Huang: Nancy Huggett:
Inuksuk of Sorrows, GL 48

Aaron Hull: Heikki Huotari: Zebulon Huset: Madilyne Igleheart: Rosabelle Illes: Ting Indistinguishable: Moss Ingram:
Abused, GL 37

Ashley Inguanta:
Trash, GL 4;
Clay & Anchor, GL 5

Huxley Innis:
The Innis Report: The Not So New Guy, GL 10

Kelsey Ipsen: Jenny Irizary: Rich Ives:
Of Course There Were Holes, GL 4;
Declarations of Attendance, GL 6
Improperly Used Tools of Parenting, GL 22
In a Country East of Chicago, GL 30

Satoshi Iwai: Crying Ecstasy + Under the Sun, GL 51

Michael Jacobson: Andrew Jacono:
Daisies, GL 38

Rye Jaffe:
Pale, GL 33

Aishwarya Jain:
Love, GL 5

Addison James:
Paralax, GL 23

Vida James: Courtney Leigh Jameson: Wes Jamison:
Eve, GL 18

Bethany Jarmul: Serena Jayne: Nicole Jean:
The Ruminations of One Rupert P. Smith, GL 7

Laura Jeanerette:
Spaces I've Never Belonged, GL 50

Becca Borawski Jenkins:
A Girl Named Tree, GL 26

Elspeth Jensen:
Blue Genesis, GL 25

Alex S Johnson:
Happy Puppy Mask + An Architect of Ruins + The Learned Drive + A Brief History of Freezing Motion + Phantom of Love, GL 11

Bruce Johnson:
, GL 22

Kirby Johnson: Carol Jones: Lauren Jonik:
The Feline, GL 15

Krysia Jopek: Rachel Joseph: Babo Kamel:
I feel I am on tip toe, GL 49

Anna Kander: Ann Kandikuppa:
Lexicon of Wife of Man with a Wandering Eye, GL 36
1, 2, 3, 4: A Puzzle, GL 48

Jason Kane: Madeleine Kannan:
VI + Carol, GL 14

Esmé Kaplan-Kinsey: Nazli Karabiyikoglu: Jen Karetnick: Kirsten Kaschock: Paul Kasmai: Olga Katsovskiy:
What We Are Made Of, GL 49

Erica Kaufman: William Keckler: Candice Kelsey:
On Aisle 16 + Like the Bonsai in That Billy Collins Poem, GL 47
Balish + Strange Creature, GL 49

Sandra Ketcham: Aekta Khubchandeni: Amy Kiger-Williams: Belle (Bom) Kim: Harrison Kim: Teddy Kimathi:
Stars, GL 22

Bob King:
Because the Weather Changes + The Age When I Need to Take a Photo & Then Zoom In, in Order to Read the Fine Print, GL 50

Stephanie King:
Housewarming, GL 42

Maureen Kingston:
The Pin-Up Calendar or Be Careful What You Wish For + To See or Not to See? A Poet's Day off + Play within a Play, GL 9

Elizabeth Kirschner: Laurence Klavan:
Endless, GL 40

Steve Klepetar:
The Woman Who Rose from Snow + On the Dead Plains, GL 24
Sounds + Your Leaving + Waiting for You, GL 28

Makenzie Kolar:
Ava's Age, GL 28

Zoltán Komor:
Chicken-bulbs, GL 12
Hunters of the Desert, GL 14

Desmond Kon: Zack Kopp:
from Magic Trash, GL 6;
Real Hard Fun, GL 10

Sarah Kohrs: Koss:
Again: Holidays, GL 42
The Dictations of Cabbages, GL 46

Kim Peter Kovac: Nooks Krannie: David Evan Krebs: Leonard Kress:
Backyards, GL 11

M L Krishnan: Madison Krob: Frances Kruk:
Thirst, GL 8

Joanna Kudo: Kathryn Kulpa:
Layover, GL 41

Len Kuntz:
Twisters, GL 7

Karim Lakhani: Kate LaDew: Jennifer Lai: Mateo Lara: Ted Lardner: Mercedes Lawry:
Fire Season, GL 40
The Small Librarian + The Luminous Psychiatrist, GL 45

Molly Lazer:
Hatchlings, GL 18

Susan L Leary:
Joyful Poem + X-Ray Impression #1: Alternate Eden + X-Ray Impression #5 Death House (in Pisces), GL 31
Mugshot + I Owe a Lot to Those I Do Not Love, GL 49

Sylvan Lebrun: Jasmine Ledesma: Youngseo Lee: Stella Lei: Matt Leibel: Giselle Leeb: Hillary Leftwich:
Tajo, GL 21

Courtney Leigh: Charlotte Lenox:
Home-icide, GL 10

Hege Lepri:
Fabric, GL 33

Eleanor Levine: Chandler Lewis: Amy Li:
On a Witch's Grieving, GL 40

Eliot Li:
7 Day Submittable Forecast, GL 50

Liza Libes:
Curvamen, GL 27

Jane Liddle: Nolan Liebert:
Darts, GL 16

Sarah Lilius: Laurinda Lind: Emily Linstrom:
Melusine, GL 20

Sara Lippmann:
Neighbors, GL 35

Alison Liu: Emily Liu:
rainbows and rainbows and rainbows shining across the universe, GL 49

June Liu: Zizheng Liu:
Stolen, GL 40

Karen Lizon:
Spin, GL 21

Kik Lodge:
Pearly Whites™, GL 48

Taylor Hamann Los:
Ameneurosis + Nocturne, GL 49

Linda Lowe:
The Party, GL 17

Marc Lowe:
Patterns, GL 1;

Kate Lu: Colin Lubner: Ginna Luck: Valya Lupescu:
Lipstick, GL 15

Tracy L Lyall:
The Drag, GL 13

Rosaleen Lynch: P D Lyons:
The Ghost of My Mother's Lover, GL 2

Judith Lysaker:
The Assent, GL 50

Ariel Machell:
Split + Disquietude + Saturday, 10:35 AM, GL 46

Nick LB Mack: Sarah Mack: Brandon Madden:
Goat Men, GL 19

Frances Madeson: Samantha Madway: Eleonor Mae:
Hard Magic, GL 28

Kelly Magee: Alice Maglio:
Big Tree, GL 31

Kim Magowan: Kim Malinowski: James Mansfield: Lyndsie Manusos:
Filament, GL 33
If Ever, Before Now, You Listen to a Word of Mine, GL 48

Carlos Mares: Matt Margo: Peter Marra: Kirk Marshall: Mordecai Martin: A Martine: Gessica Sakomoto Martini: The Peacock _ Nightmare Sits at the Table, GL 51

John Paul Martinez: Suzanne C Martinez: Amy Marques: Vikram Masson: Geneviève Mathis: Michelle Matthees: All, GL 31Gardening in Split + Drift, GL 51

Alexandra M Matthews:
Bone Broth, GL 43

Kevin Maus: Alison McBain:
Split Mind, GL 19

Martha McCollough: Lorna McGinnis: Ashby McGowan:
Cleansed, GL 4

Ali McGrane:
After the Fall: A Survival Guide, GL 48

Fiona McKay:
Your Animal Heart, GL 50

John McKernan:
My Student + Last Lecture + Last Journal Entry + Chicory Blossoms on the Blackboard, GL 11

Kathryn McMahon: Linda McMullen:
The Gym, GL 42

Edie Meade: Megan Denese Mealor:
Prostrate, GL 29

Kevin Meeks: Jessica Mehta: Frida Mehtälä: Skyler Melnick: Samantha Memi:
The Letter, GL 13

C Mendoza: Jennifer Met: Camille Meyer: Neila Mezynski:
Warriors II, GL 8
Singers: A Novel, GL 11
Beached, GL 16
Puddin, GL 26

Chad Miller:
This, GL 30

Mary Milstead:
Threshold, GL 40

Aagneyo Mitra:
Fae—Faerie—Fairy, GL 49

Samantha Moe:
Eldest Daughter, GL 43
I Have a Crush on a Bog, GL 47

Eric Mohrman:
A Meager Feast + Icarus, GL 32

Stephen Moles:
Mgru, GL 6

Claudia Monpere: Salt Husband + The Want Is a River until It Isn't, GL 51

Jude Cowan Montague: James Montgomery:
Cow Tree, GL 44

Hayden Moore: Katie Mora: Micaela Morano: Oak Morse: Gary Moshimer:
Flipping, GL 30

Sam Moss: Darla Mottram:
Twigs, GL 31

Tatyana Movshevich: Aparna Raj Mukhedkar: J B Mulligan:
Mmelting, GL 11

Lynn Mundell:
Vanessa, GL 24
Chance, GL 29
The Second King, GL 43

Kyle Muntz:
Red, GL 2

Stephenson Muret: Carol Murphy:
Pooka, GL 25

Mark Murphy: Christina Murphy: M F Nagel: Marianna Nash: Yoram Naslavsky: Hannah Nathanson:
Moretti Magic, GL 49

Jefferson Navicky: Sarah Navin:
Have Faith, GL 16

Mary-Anne Nelligan:
Rising, GL 23

H L Nelson:
Hatch, GL 13

Renee Nelson:
Curse, GL 2

Karen Neuberg: Scott Neuffer: Evan Nicholls: Megan Nichols:
Gone Cold, GL 44

Erika Nichols-Frazer: Claire Nicholson: Benjamin Niespodziany:
Dr. Sky Does Not Recall the Ordering of Things + Siblings(Brothers), GL 32

WJP Newnham: Victoria Nordlund:
Pigeon, GL 27

W J Nunnery: Darren Nuzzo: Catherine O'Brien:
Name, GL 46

Toti O'Brien:

Donald O'Donovan: Douglas Ogurek:
All-Staff Meeting on Wednesday, GL 13
The Football Game at Fuller Finglow's House, GL 15

Hun Ohm:
Photographic Memory #3, GL 14

Gabriel Ojeda-Sague: John Oldenborg:
I. Creator, + II. Patronym, + III. Hero,, GL 49

Carolyn Oliver:
Waystation, GL 41

Elaine Neil Orr: Rebekah Orton: Thalia Ostendorf:
A King, GL 20

Lūnetta Ōstara:
Goo Belly, GL 50

Melissa Ostrom:
Dragon, GL 41

Abigail Oswald:
Abduction, GL 33

Derek Owens: Maribel Pagan:
Accent, GL 27

Michael J Pagan:
A Great, Slow-Motion Tragedy + One Row of Teeth (or Two) while Someone Is Smiling, GL 9

Yarrow Paisley:
Memoir of a Mouth, GL 4

J A Pak:
Growth, GL 23

Vaishali Paliwal:
Mandala, GL 26
Tales of Expansion, GL 33

Wilna Panagos:
Binary Burlesque + Hunting in the Night + Proximity, GL 12
The Language of Tragedy + The tiny story + Hemingway and the twelve caesars, GL 14

Anil Kumar Panda:
A Stalker, GL 28

Vidya Panicker: Helena Pantsis: Olivia Parkes: Aimee Parkinson:
The Dugong, GL 50

Aimee Parkison:
Mississippi Android Queen, GL 39

Robert Parrott: Ioannis Passalis: W E Pasquini: Lee Patterson: Mandira Pattnaik:
Filthy Hoopoe, GL 42

Collector of Souls Comes to the Shadow Shop, GL 49

Elliot Pawley: Chris Pellizzari:
Claustrophobe Stuck in an Elevator + Highway Sounds, GL 35
Granada, August, 1936, GL 38
Gypsy Ears + Words Deflecting off my Parador Window, GL 39
Granada on the Hottest Day in August + Plaza Mayor Madrid, GL 40
Federico García Lorca Returns Home to Granada after 86 Years, GL 49

Douglas Penick:
The Coming of the Ice Age: Dreams and Sings the Minotaur in His Man-Made Abode, GL 16

Jennifer Peper: Celeste Perez: Bindia Persaud:
Eyelash, GL 24

Meghan Peterman: Mary Petralia:
The Grove, GL 23

Joseph Pfister: Leigh Phillips: Hannah E Phinney: James Piatt: Alex Pickens: Kushal Poddar:
Scattered Continuous Rainfall, They Said + We Changed Our Future + Gifts of the Nowhere Men, GL 10

Amanda Faith Poirier: Meg Pokrass:
Summer Cottage + Take Me Home, GL 7
Level Two + Extra Terrestrial, GL 35
Watermarks, GL 48

Andrew Poland: Claire Polders: Aaron Pond: Chris Poole:
Bed Bug, GL 31

Maria Poulatha:
The Happiest Thought, GL 48

Cait Powell: Ken Poyner:
The Abduction, GL 11
The Public Decency, GL 26
Migration's End, GL 33

Emilee Prado: Catherine Esposito Prescott: Bryan Price: Nadia Prupis: Jessica Purdy:
Essex Serpent + lover lover over and over, GL 48

Kelsie Qua: The Dwindleskin, GL 23

Heather Qin: Scorched Earth Aubade, GL 51

Marzia Rahman:
There Is No Melody in Madness, GL 50

Louis Rakovich: Stephen V Ramey: Brian Randall:
Malanoct, GL 30

Kathryn Rantala: Zvezdana Rashkovich:
Two Rivers, GL 15

Francis Raven:
Hostage, GL 3

Michelle Reale:
Tunis, GL 4;
The Sea Is Surely Not My Home, GL 7

Justin Reed: Anja Reed:
Time, GL 28

Timmy Reed:
Lullaby, GL 7

Ae Reiff:
POP Head BOOk, GL 5;
Jingle Bell Wok / The Wusicle: A Libretto Comedy, GL 9
What a Dog Coyote Sings AI-AI-OO-OO and Other Visions of Iisaw, GL 13

Rem + Rom: William Repass:
Orphanate, GL 13;

Matthew Revert: Audrey Rhys:
There, GL 23

Jeremy Rice: Jessica Lee Richardson:
Mousetrap, GL 33

A Riding: Dwaine Rieves: Katherine Forbes Riley:
The Loons, GL 24

Cindy Rinne: Cory Robertson:
Unraveling, GL 21

A R Robins:
Will, GL 33

Benjamin Robinson: Avesa Rockwell:
Recovery, GL 31

Rachel Rodman: John Rodzvilla:
The atheist who stands + the manifested voice + snorting and blowing, GL 14

Kim Steutermann Rogers:
Fish out of Water, GL 48

Simon Rogghe:
Split, GL 12

Daniel Romo:
Clairvoyance + Word Problem #37 + Action + Zorro As Hairdresser, GL 3
Physics + Grocery List + Visibility, GL 43

Ruby Rorty:
On blurry nights, + Greenwashing: A Love Story, GL 49

Kayla Roseclere: Michelle Ross:
Sockets, GL 32

Shana Ross: Taylor Ross: Suzanne Manizza Roszak:
Check #164, GL 44

Santani Roy:
The lost botanist + This house is us, GL 50

C C Russell:
Viscosity, GL 35

Kayla Rutledge: Kristina T Saccone: Kiran Kaur Saini: Kelly R Samuels: Natalie Sands:
In Pursuit of Jam, GL 49

Thomas Sanfilip:
Infinity, GL 23

Sylvia Santiago: I can't drink coffee without drinking, GL 51

Sarah Sarai: Diyana Sastrawati: Delaney Saul:
Inhabited, GL 31

Phil Sawdon:
Witnessing Drawing's Carcass, GL 17
Nowhere on Paper, GL 20
Fresh Shavings, GL 29

Slawka G Scarso:
When You Tell Your Wife 'You're a Cow' One Time Too Many, GL 50

Eric Schaller:
Hemoglobin, GL 11

Robyn Schelenz: Wizards + Stable + Drought, GL 51

Rebeccah von Schlieffen: Ben Segal: Smitha Sehgal:
When Sea Came Calling, GL 48

Adreyo Sen: Mathew Serback: Claudia Serea:
The spider strings beads + The boy climbs the spiral staircase +
Night and day, the crow and the seagull
, GL 13
Writing on the Walls at Night, GL 20

Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri:
a href="issue22/Seyedbagheri.php">The Real Romanovs: Taped And Shot Before A Live Studio Audience, GL 22
A Bunny's Kidnapping, GL 25

Sea Sharp: Vicky Sharples: Eric Shattuck: Evan James Sheldon: Carol Shillibeer: Gary J Shipley: Austin Shirey: Vik Shirley:
Crossing the Streams + Lifestyle, GL 50

Nicholas Siegel: Katha Sikka: Kimberly Silva:
The Kitchen Chronicles, GL 49

M E Silverman: Red-Lipped Batfish, GL 51

Ginger Simons:
Washed., GL 25

Nicole Simonsen: Sravani Singampalli: Tanya Singh: Jeanine Skowronski: Sisters with a Gone Mother, GL 51

Gary Sloboda: Dale Smith: Ellen Kathleen Smith: Paul K Smith: The Women of Paris, GL 32
The 'Mona Lisa' Women, GL 51

Todd Smith: Cheryl Snell:
Footman + Samsara + Apology + firebug@ the giggling id + Bad News, GL 49

Stuart Snelson: Carina Solis: Ezra Solway: Grace Song: Sarah Sorensen: L Soviero: Star Spider:
Insomnia, GL 16

Arthur Staaz: Kelly Stark:
New Bodies, GL 15

Chrissy Stegman:
To 1993: You are when I loved the open air & I loved everything, GL 48

Annie Stenzel: Phillip Sterling: S D Stewart: Todd Clay Stewart: Chelsea Stickle: Linda Ann Strang:
Sunfish, GL 12

Your Local Wormhole Invites YOU, GL 1;
From a Street-Lit Dark Room, GL 3;
Constable Pulse and the Sunny Dystopia, GL 5;
Vivisectionist Seeks Clientele, GL 10;
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy vs Mrs. Grue, GL 14

Cassidy Street: Kelly R Samuels:
Perihelion, GL 30

Alina Stefanescu: Tara Stillions Whitehead: Jan Stinchcomb: Sarah Stockton: Betsy Streeter: Dale Stromberg: Nina Sudhakar: Miye Sugino: Jay Vera Summer: Malcolm Sutton: Natalya Sukhonos: Thea Swanson:
Obidos Women, GL 19
Eggie Finds Her Voice, GL 37

Jake Syersak: Kate Tagai: Xenia Taiga:
Space Boy, GL 10

Kenny Tanemura: Charles Tarlton:
The Rock in a Jar, GL 32
The Snowy Egret, GL 42
Persephone + More Than Meets the Eye + Fare Passi da Gigante, GL 45

Olivia Treynor: Susan Triemert: Liliana J Taylor:
Apis, GL 22

Sean Thomas: Caitlin Thomson: Kristina Thornton:
Our Ruby Anniversary, GL 48

Alyssandra Tobin: E Catherine Tobler: Jennifer Todhunter: Marissa Bell Toffoli:
Ground-Nesting Birds + Are We There Yet? + Cello Song + Moving Portrait, GL 3

Sarah Tourjee: Nathaniel Tower: Leslie Walker Trahan: Susan Triemert: Anna Tuchin: Graham Tugwell: J A Tyler:
Variations of a Brother War (Love Triptych), GL 2

Sarena Ulibarri: Cathy Ulrich: The Arborist Falls in Love, GL 29
The Only Light, GL 51

Pierré V!: Jennifer Vaknine: Diana Valenzuela: Jessica VanDevanter: Anthony Varallo:
Nicotine, GL 42

Namitha Varma: Victoria Vasterling: Henry Vauban: Robert Vaughan: Fable Vayne: Travis Vick: Jacob Vincent: C J Wackerman:
Your Thoughts Exactly + Pliu Waterfall, GL 48

Meredith Wadley: Vivian Wagner: Elinor Ann Walker: Sara Wallace: Kieron Walquist: Margaret Walther: Sara Walters:
Dead Girls, GL 16

Amy Wang: Jieyan Wang: Tiffany Wang: Sanna Wani: Everett Warner: Irene Watson:
Lilac Tree, GL 40
Richard Weaver:
Learning to Live with Global Warming Climate Change
Idiot Landlords + Taking Orders
, GL 26
The Museum of Lost Memories, GL 39
The Topiaries Are Menacing, GL 43
The Earworm of Laughter, GL 45
A myopic ostrich stood outside + The cat who barked up the wrong family tree, GL 48

Ann Weil:
When the Scammer Gives You Peanuts... + Cougar, GL 50

Adam Weinstein:
Collars, GL 3

Edward Wells II: Erik Wennermark: Zack Wentz:
Into Work, GL 11

Paris Weslyn:
In Halls + Herstory + Honey, GL 29

Robert Wexelblatt:
Petite Suite Impropre, GL 14

John Wheaton: Sarah Wheeler: Rick White:
The Hand, GL 47

Robin White: Becca Wild:

Greta Wilensky: Melissa Wiley: Joshua Wilkerson: Virginia Wilkerson: Meeah Williams: Vanessa Willoughby: Dawn Wilson:
Untitled, GL 10

Paul-Victor Winters: Francine Witte:
<Stacks + Chicken Suit, GL 36
Mom's Dalmatian Dog, GL 38
Balance + Dad Always Looked Like a Mountain, GL 46
>After the Snowmelt + My Eyes Keep Looking for You, GL 47
Boat Sink, GL 51

Valerie Witte: Mikal Wix: Cheryl Wollner: Jasmyne Womack:
Drosophila, GL 17

Brenna Womer: Nicolette Wong:
That Honest House Has Been Exorcised + The Sky Has Sprouted a Many-Colored Void + Ghost Guards on the Beach, GL 11
The Night Watchers + The Hallway + The Asylum, GL 38

Peter Wood: Jennifer Woodworth:
Wake, GL 35
Even the Sky, GL 37
The Handless Maiden, GL 42
Of All the Ladders, GL 46

John Dermot Woods: Haley Wooning: Jacob Wren: Evangeline Wright: Janet Jiahui Wu: Nathan Xie:
Perseveration, GL 43

Kyle Yadlosky:
Fire Puppets, GL 9

Ecem Yücel:
Poetical Chairs + Siren Song, GL 50

Ann Yuan:
The Hibiscus, GL 46

Maura Yzmore:
Dani, Twice in Mahogany and Bronze, GL 27
Chocolate, GL 28

Tara Isabel Zambrano:
Bird Bones, GL 30

Ali Zarbali: Madison Zehmer:
Ex Nihilo, GL 36

Dilon Zeres: Lucy Zhang:
Paper Clips Are Not Biodegradable, GL 37

Louis Zieja: Daniel Zweier: Tola Zysman:
Ribbons, GL 46


Interview with Benjamin Niespodziany, GL 47

featured books (excerpts)

Stacey Levine's Frances Johnson, GL 1

Oisín Curran's Mopus, GL 2

Hans Karl Artmann's The Quest for Dr. U, GL 3
Rick Crilly's The Tablecloth Trick, GL 3

Kyle Muntz's Sunshine in the Valley, GL 4

Jane Unrue's Life of a Star, GL 5

Shane Jones's Light Boxes, GL 6

Edmond Caldwell's Human Wishes / Enemy Combatant, GL 7

Kristina Marie Darling's Melancholia (an Essay), GL 8

Sholder Greye's Confessions of an Eccentric Old Man, GL 9

Evan Dara's The Easy Chain, GL 11

Jason Hrivnak's The Plight House, GL 12

Sjón's From the Mouth of the Whale, GL 13

Brendan Connell's The Galaxy Club, GL 14

Giancarlo Pastore's Jellyfish, GL 15

Rebecca Cook's Click, GL 16

Mike Meginnis's Fat Man and Little Boy, GL 17

Heidi Seaborn's Give a Girl Chaos, GL 31