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Gone Lawn 9
Winter, 2012
Featured painting, ©2011 by David Ho : where it hurts, oils on giclee canvas.

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Kirby Johnson

Poem about Alabama

I was asked if I liked Alabama and I said, yes I've masturbated everyday. I've danced alone in the dark heat of my room. I've taken your memory and I microwaved it in a bowl of grits. I put cheese on it. I rolled it in a wad of curried onions my friend mailed me. I'm so happy I used the last bit of my organic soap to wash my mouth. I tasted it. I went to church and made all the friends. I went to church and was so happy with Jesus. I ignored black people. Did you know I'm conservative now? I earned all this money. My family has a farm and I'm not going to let no body take that shit away. I'm so tanned my skin is thick. Give me your pit-bull puppies I'm gunna make them piss in a crate. Are you repressed? I'm more repressed. Please rape me. Please put on your baseball hat and take yr dick out your shorts (leave the shorts on pls) and ram that shit in me. I'm so hot right now. I'm smoking a cigarette. I love Alabama.

Kirby Johnson is the editor of NANO Fiction and is pursuing her MFA at the University of Alabama. She has two cats.