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Gone Lawn 23
Winter, 2016

Featured photograph, Frozen Galaxy by Fabrice Poussin.

New Works

Courtney Leigh

Princess of Gore Part IV

THE PRINCESS OF GORE MEETS THE HUNTSMAN: she is boneless & drifting in a slow compacted mass like oil in the river of severed woods. she sees him at the water bank, flailing his ax against something dark & heavy. she pops her mouth with every grunt against the monstrous creature he makes, her underloins begging — the creature still whimpering a cold song. in the heat, he catches her chemical eyes in the sunlight, her oily canvas ribboning atop the rushing water. she lets the current take her arms so she snags on a tree & his curiosity nags at his spirit urging him to move toward the river. when he finds her, the heat sinks deep within him releasing a glow in her eyes. "you look like you could use some bones," he says & she coos with stuttered breath. he carries her back near his murdered creature, her body draping heavily over his giant arms. he cuts open the enormous creature still slowing in its breath & dismantles it bone by bone. he holds her up & stuffs each bone down into her throat, until her torso & every limb are filled with bone. he blows his mountainous breath into each of her orifices to inflate her, wipes the blood off his hands & face, & kisses — the princess of gore leans deep into his sturdy chest for warmth. the huntsman holds tight his precious taxidermy.

Princess of Gore Part V

THE PRINCESS OF GORE MEETS THE WOLF: he has her over for breakfast nearly every weekend while the huntsman is away. he loves the way her body moves wolf-like in its skinful form, the way her voice echoes dangerously through her bones. he lip syncs poetry & eats worms while she sleeps, he puts them into her ears for dream sport where they rot in her brain like poison. she's all psychadelic on him & it's driving her eyes in balls & her pussy is literally shaking. she's wrapping her torso with his & they're doing it doggy-style on emotions, bottled up like a toxic nerve gas in the glass floor below. she is eating his brain & he is kissing hers — she is licking his spirit & he is eating hers. once a wolf, always a carnivore.

& she returns to the huntsman, smelling of wet dog & hay. the wolf hides behind trees in the woods while he watches the huntsman fuck her from behind, against the wet mudded ground. he likes her dirty & salivates. she watches his eyes while he watches her body get pushed further & further into the mud. she dreams of him devouring her. the huntsman leaves her trembling hot in the mud & the wolf approaches bear-like & hungry. he opens his jaw & ingests her oversexed body. she churns in his belly, burns up his throat in rhapsody—

he howls madly. the huntsman blazes out like a Viking in conquer, creates lacuna of blood & guts in the wolf with his giant ax, & releases his precious taxidermy.

Courtney Leigh is The Bowhunter of White Stag Publishing. Her chapbook the unrequited <3<3 of red riding hood & her lycan lover is a part of the 2016 Dancing Girl Press catalog. Her poems have most recently appeared in The Fem and Hermeneutic Chaos and are forthcoming in Yellow Chair Review, Witch Crafts and Menacing Hedge