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Gone Lawn 54
worm moon, 2024

Featured artwork, Capitol Reef Wash, by Kathleen Frank

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Tanya Rastogi

you were seven when you learned that

glass-eyed women die before death, abrade their silken fingertips
into needles that teach new skin how pain is absorbed until the
seams rip; the way it colors milky antiseptic air and crayon-
covered walls and silence silence silence.

glass-eyed women forget in refraction, melt through turmeric-
stained sofa while daily soaps illumine empty orange Rx,
chipped wooden Ganesha condemning you from the fireplace–
born of utility, beheaded in loyalty, replaced with animal.

glass-eyed women hide under cerement and gnaw on paper for
sustenance, photo albums burgeoning long after sunset, the bride
painted doll-like in that moment of passing.

glass-eyed women unfurl their lips until their bodies turn inside
out: eyes studded with teeth, womb shriveled, and maybe if you
had just listened she wouldn't be here, aureoled in flies.

Tanya Rastogi is an artist and writer from Bettendorf, Iowa. Her work is published in The Adroit Journal, Oyster River Pages and Kalopsia Literary, among others. She is the founding editor of The Seraphic Review.