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Gone Lawn 30
Autumn, 2018

Featured video, Micro Asemic Film 4 by Federico Federici.

Joanna Kudō

Instructions for Specimen

Arrange the fingers first (she loves them so). Line them largest to smallest, knuckle up, like falling hills. She sees them the most—bent close, locked wide, grasping, pushing, turning about each other, wrapping one scar, posterior, by the left-most vein on hand-back. Second scar, third finger, midway, a pointing white burn. Third scar, second finger, tip of the pad, where it severed, stuck right back on (these should be circled in pen, palms overlapping like they are waiting).

Unbind the kneecaps so the legs are long (tie them up in a knot, if possible). Fan the toes. Make them countable, make them countable by mothers. Post arms like garnishes.

Count inhalations. Keep those lungs running (for effect), there is asthma inside. Hide the chest. Throw out the shoulders, the narrow hips, the belly button hairs. Cremate everything above the neck. Flush the genitals. Make up a name.

Joanna Kudō is a writer living in Central New York. She has been seen in Maudlin House, Peach Mag and fields of wildflowers, where she sneezes a lot. Along with her website, you can find her at Twitter.