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Gone Lawn 45
Summer solstice, 2022

Featured artwork, Page Blue, by Güliz Mutlu

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Tommy Dean

The Disease That Keeps Us Alive

They say that we're empty, a generation who thrives on the exsanguination of their own throats. Our gills are inconvenient, an eyesore worse than yesteryear's neck tattoos. But you've lost your faces to the space masks that keep you breathing. Mirrors smashed, the glass melted to make bridges across confabulating ponds that we skate across on our bellies, impervious to the sludge of the twentieth century. We harvest the petunias under the blue light cast by the sunken sun, awaiting her last light, our skin the trellises for green blight. Our muscles tense with planty growths, you say is another scourge, but it's keeping us alive. Another riot on the horizon, our hands callused from practicing the swing of hammers, suitable for breaking beyond the masks of our servitude.

In High Places, We Tremble

In High Places, We Tremble Repairing the roof was a nightmare. Each piece of shingling a cost he couldn't compute. His wife suggested he do it by himself. How hard could it be? He had never told her about his fear of heights, of being dangled off a hotel balcony, his feet kicking in the air.
He owed money, gambling as a teenager and as a man. Their finances in ruins.
He ordered the shingles. A ladder. A nail gun. All on credit.
She left for the weekend. A trip to her parents. Leaving him with the ghosts of his mistakes.
On the roof, shadowed.

Tommy Dean is the author of two flash fiction chapbooks, "Special Like the People on TV" (Redbird Chapbooks, 2014) and "Covenants" (ELJ Editions, 2021). "Hollows," A collection of flash fiction was published by Alternating Current Press in 2022. He lives in Indiana where he currently is the Editor at Fractured Lit and Uncharted Magazine. A recipient of the 2019 Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction, his writing can be found in Best Microfiction 2019 and 2020, Best Small Fiction 2019, Monkeybicycle, and numerous litmags. In addition to his website (linked), find him on Twitter.