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Gone Lawn 11
Summer, 2013
guest edited by Yarrow Paisley

Featured painting, ©2013 by Pd Lietz :

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Neila Mezynski

A Novel


She sat around. Laid. Wait. Know you had to, go get. It. Go get it. Not would come sit lay. What do she want. Maybe she only want to sit get red. Ankle. Fat. Dot. Number good though she said. Worry stand up sometime sit. More. No one will come. Idea. Air sun breeze not on chair in bed. They don’t like that. Idea. Need move circulate. Come with leg to walk idea. He went on boat when stuck, air wind sun unstuck field. Why not her. She could too. Unstuck. No field just tire maybe chair or two thrown at good luck. She need it. Out of invention. Sing.


Small purple dark run eye. Much. Need. White floppy shoe lace black leg over flow edge, easy. Hold back. Now. Tear for want need . Later. Please.


Dot dot dash project the back row. Scream. Pink shirt tight belt, slack. Cinch in time. Busy be stay go hum, smile dart dash. Go. Explode. Or else.

Air in the Nose

Cold unsure spindle leg belly. Over the top. Not sure. Advice, he said. Lookin’ for, gold. It. I see it. Smile


Hold tight passion full of possible. Embrace never too late. Always.

Cup too Full

Overflow not enough run in place amok. Stay home clock. Another, one.


Care take mother none. Share what go around. Come. Warm. Safe. Be.


Ready set plan make sure, panic. Forget. Don’t. Showtime. Cement. In.


Sit tight. Come. Pounce. Nab ’em idea. Slippery slopery. Now. Come wait.


Mile high nose to grindstone. Leg forever, dancin’. Red Lady. Kick so high flyin’ too. Moon beam ready. Shine.

Neila Mezynski is author of Glimpses (2011) and A Story (2013), from Scrambler Books, pamphlets Girls In Trees (2010) and Tucson Dessert (2012) from Greying Ghost Press, echapbooks from Radioactive Moat Press, Yellow Fringe Dress (2011) and Patasola Press, The Pure Girl (2011); chapbooks from Folded Word Press, Men Who Understand Girls (2012), Nap Chapbook, Floaters (2012), Deadly Chaps Press, Dancers on Rock (2011), Warriors (2013) and Mud Luscious Press, At The Beach (2011).