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Gone Lawn 27
Winter, 2018

New Works

Maribel Pagan


I was never called Hispanic,
but I was always told that

my accent slivered
between my silent lips,

stretched out cautiously
to prevent mispronounced

words, to prevent mis-
guidance. They noticed

my voice was strung
in a different tune,

my upbringing reflected
a map of confusion

where words differed
and my ancestry

collected dust.

Maribel C. Pagan is a Latina writer. She has appeared in Foliate Oak, 7x20, Cuento, Blue Marble Review, Zaum, Persephone's Daughters and others. She has also appeared in "The Box Under the Bed", a bestselling horror anthology. She has received the Presidential Scholarship from Mohawk Valley Community College and has received 4th Place in the Word Weaver Writing Contest, among other prestigious awards. Additionally, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Seshat, a Prose Reader for Apprehension, a Poetry Reader for Frontier Poetry and a singer and musician for The Angelic Family Choir.