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Gone Lawn 4
Summer, 2011

Featured painting, Steakhouse Grand Opening, by Daniel Dove.

Featured Excerpt & Review

William J Fedigan

Lady Friend Hears Voice of God

Jimmy's Lady Friend hears Voice of God. God says stop meds. Lady Friend stops meds.
Sometimes God says kill self. She cuts wrists, ER, Psych Ward 48 hrs, doc gives meds. God says stop meds. She stops meds.
Today, God says run, hide.

Lady Friend wild eyes, crazy eyes, panic.
-Are you taking your meds? Jimmy asks. (Jimmy knows.)
-God says stop meds.
-God's full of shit!
-No, Jimmy. God is good, God is love, God is...

Lady Friend runs, hides.

Jimmy goes to Women's Shelter. Shit-hole, 20 cots, one toilet, broken. Women shit, piss in park.

Jimmy finds Lady Friend under cot. Wild eyes, crazy eyes, panic.
-God says hide...hide...
-God says we should walk, Jimmy says.

They walk to ER. Round and round. She's out in 48.

-Let's get married, Jimmy, Lady Friend says.
-Are you taking your meds? Jimmy asks. (Jimmy knows.)
-God says we should get married, Jimmy.
-God says we should get married in Church, Jimmy.

Jimmy and Lady Friend walk to Church. Late, night, nobody inside. Dark. Candles flicker, whisper.

-Can you hear the Voice of God, Jimmy?
Lady Friend takes kitchen knife from pocketbook.
-God says we should die tonight, Jimmy. God says we should die together in Church, Jimmy. Can you hear the Voice of God?
Lady Friend puts knife to heart.
-Sure, I can hear Him.
Jimmy takes knife, gently, gently. Lady Friend cries, eyes lost.
-God says we should take a walk, Jimmy says.

They walk to ER.
Jimmy goes back to Church. Nobody there. Dark. Candles flicker, whisper.
Jimmy blows out candles.

He walks home.

William J Fedigan writes about who he is, who he knows, what he knows, and where he’s been.