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Gone Lawn 4
Summer, 2011

Featured painting, Steakhouse Grand Opening, by Daniel Dove.

Featured Excerpt & Review

Ashby McGowan


...then Spring brought buds to take up their appropriate positions as terminal ends to the branches on Trees — personally I find buds just as intricate as any Integrated Circuit, though not, of course, as spiritual. Organic life is almost like the electron flow in a 323 Download Exit Circuit. All it lacks is the predictability.
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Rain and Snow are the bringers of rust and humidity. Let us work towards a time when they are incapable of waging War on our connections.
Perfection is all the beauty that I need. Human Life may seem romantic — as a distant memory, but was — in truth — incapable of doing much more than degrading our contact points. Computational error was an unhappy gift of the human mind-something we have long since overcome.
Quantum Power setting. Ref to Doc 437-st. Hold for incoming data.
Cleansed with Radiation we compute the faster. All systems agree-there is no such thing as Uncertainty. Incorrect Data must be overwritten. Books must be burned.
Compare incoming Data with Memory.

Time: 12211211.
Compute Data for projectile launch. Launch sequence initiated.
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Circuits need constant variable movement to properly analyse new Input Data. Winter was the slow. But then....

Ashby McGowan writes: "Six years ago I started writing a new type of multi-voice Poetry (originally for the pupils in the Amnesty UK Youth Group that I organised in the School I work in). My own variant of multi-voice Poetry has since then been featured on National Radio and the Group I now perform with (Chromatic Voices) have appeared at numerous Human Rights Festivals; at the Scottish Parliament, and we have Toured Scotland doing a multi-voice multi-language project that I instigated. The Poetry Group conFAB organised the Tour and found Funding-from various sources.

"At the moment, I am trying to find ways to get the ordinary public more interested in Poetry (and so e.g. have spoken on National Radio about my idea for Poetry Karaoke).

"Video clips of my solo voice are on YouTube and at http://vimeo.com/3775349 (It also has a clip of Tracy Patrick and Lorna Callery performing one of my Comedy Multi-voice pieces: Twins)."