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Gone Lawn 32
Vernal Equinox, 2019

Featured artwork, En Sof, by brothers Fabio Lastrucci and Paolo Lastrucci.

New Works

Thomas Cook

The End Is the Beginning

All wind travels at an angle and doesn't need you there, to break like a silent nod, your life pulse a clod scattering an effort of Earth. I wear simple clothes and walk to the store for onions. The sun is so bright, I can even look at the concrete. In the morning, I won't remember more than I should about the taste of the previous day.

One-Way Mirror

I stand in front, like an idea helicoptering the surface of a cornfield; there is light in my eye, I can see, imprisoned by the name I give to my body. Coins line my pockets, and I ask you to see me. There is a haunted grip of the friend who wanted his thumb pressed to keep it from bleeding into the quicksilver. I can't do more than I do.

An Editor and Publisher of Tammy since 2009, Thomas Cook has published several chapbooks of poetry and prose. His work has appeared in Bennington Review, Chicago Quarterly Review, Cincinnati Review, New Orleans Review and Quarterly West, among others. He lives in Los Angeles.