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Gone Lawn 55
strawberry moon, 2024

Featured artwork, Lost for Words, by Andrea Damic

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Court Harler

Texting a Duck

Do you ever just, you know, stop and stare at a duck in the park and then take out your phone and start writing about the duck, thinking about what it would be like to text or talk to a duck, and then you start thinking and writing as if you were a duck—no, as if you were this duck (quack) and you had that little feather tuft at the back of your head that some duck breeds have (usually white, not mallards) and because you are now this duck (quack) you cannot google yourself and find out what kind of duck you are because, seriously, a duck does not give a fuck about what kind of duck they are. So you as a human—you were supposed to be walking, getting some exercise, but before you know it, you are stopping, staring, writing, texting, imagining—and now becoming a duck who sure does not need to fill its life with words (quack) or labels or even little metal ID bracelets that scientists use to track special ducks like you with feather tufts.

this duck

Court(ney) Harler (she/her) is a queer writer, editor, and educator based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She holds an MFA from University of Nevada, Reno at Lake Tahoe (2017) and an MA from Eastern Washington University (2013). Court is currently editor in chief of CRAFT Literary Magazine and editorial director for Discover New Art, and has read and/or written for UNT Press's Katherine Anne Porter Prize, The Masters Review, Funicular Magazine, Reflex Fiction, and Chicago Literati in recent years. She also instructs and edits for Project Write Now, and formerly hosted their podcast, PWN's Debut Review. For her creative work, Court has been honored by fellowships and/or grants from Key West Literary Seminar, Writing By Writers, Community of Writers, Napa Valley Writers' Conference, and Nevada Arts Council. Court's work has been published in multiple genres in literary magazines around the world. Links to her publications and other related awards can be found at https://harlerliterary.llc. Find her on Instagram @CourtneyHarler.