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Gone Lawn 28
Spring, 2018

Featured painting, Etude Catalan 1 by Jean Wolff.

New Works

Erik Wennermark

Master Li Hongzhi

Our Remote Viewing is strong, today. Blackholes have their mechanisms and the Frescoes of Thirty Thousand Years burnish the landscape of our mind. The solar system is no longer lonely or us in it.

A flood in Yangjiang bleeds orange.

The Tianshan mountains tumble red.

The Philadelphia Experiment is underway and Dafa is spread at Mid-Pennsylvania Art Festival. Leaflets paper the sodden streets, pulped and buckling underfoot the jostling familial units: SOS The Torture & Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners Is Still Going On!

Reams are printed, and reams more. Barkers march, we exercise and sit, summon Fa. The flame within our Gong Being transmogrifies into a Flotation of Pure Energy and the World is reborn.

We infiltrate the dreamed.

Railway Truth Clarification Exercise has made this possible—it is by symbolic remembrance that Fa Rectification is achieved for lower beings. The I-95 corridor will be our conduit. The Word spreads to Dover but for the prevention of parochial police forces. They will pay much like the constabulary of Shangdong. Provincial authorities and the police department have assisted the vicious people to commit crimes against humanity. The murderous legions relentlessly persecute Dafa practitioners with rope and acid and knife. They force an eight-months pregnant Dafa practitioner to have abortion and then illegally send her to the mental hospital and commit injuries to her brain and spinal column.

Unlike a wounded mother's paralysis, the self-immolation hoax is a lie. It is the invention of fascist imagination. Those who believe their stories have been duped. Anyone who is familiar with the treatment of severe burns knows what the authorities say is impossible. The pictures of the burn victims are a clever forgery perpetrated with the use of special computers and Hollywood make-up specialists. All will soon know this is Truth.

Heaven has given warning to the liars: According to insiders, a recent explosion in the Wennan Coal Mine of Xinwen Mining Group in Shangdong Province caused 69 deaths. So too shall be the Dover Greyhound transportation terminal. There will be carnage delivered upon the travelers. It is proclaimed.

Those CCP Demons and Foreign Alien Lords who cause forces to rise against us will not succeed. Their goal is an impossibility surpassed in ignorance only by the incompetence of their gross actions. The distribution of righteous Fa will not be hindered by their meager efforts at delay. The collective Gong Column will grow so massive as to shadow the sun!

This is an exciting time. It is not since the Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance Day of Newark, New Jersey that we have felt such strength emanating from our many orifices; it is a brilliant light that shines and we are even blinded by its extranatural nature, but gratified still. We manipulate them into proficiency. It is begin.

Erik Wennermark writes various prose in Tokyo, Japan. "Master Li Hongzhi" is taken from his novella, The True Story of Yu Fen.