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Gone Lawn 28
Spring, 2018

Featured painting, Etude Catalan 1 by Jean Wolff.

New Works

Sravani Singampalli

Empty Sceneries

Everything is haunted here
In this place called as
The 'town of the dead'.
That man in grey shirt
Says that even Paracetamol and Aspirin
Tablets are no longer used here
Because people believe that ghosts
Are hidden in them.
Hearing all this I remember
How my mother used to warn me
Not to eat the papaya seeds
How she used to say
They'll grow into papaya trees
Inside my stomach.
Even today I say the same thing
To the little children
In my street.
I enjoy the queer notions
Things which take me to another world
Things which make me believe in aliens
Things which take away my breath
When I know
They are nothing
But just empty sceneries.

Sravani singampalli is a published writer and poet from India. She is presently pursuing doctor of pharmacy at JNTU KAKINADA university in Andhra Pradesh, India. Her works have appeared in Scarlet Leaf Review, Criterion journal, Setu bilingual journal, The Poet Community, Labyrinthine Passages journal, Spillwords press and many other international anthologies and magazines. She can be reached at srvscool@gmail.com.