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Gone Lawn 28
Spring, 2018

Featured painting, Etude Catalan 1 by Jean Wolff.

New Works

Maryam Bahraminejad

An Old Soul

I'm an old soul, not tired though
Still fresh and rosy dancing on the bough
I'm an inflated drop dreaming of oceans
Blue and shining
Burning and tearing
In the coquettish sun
I'm an old soul, but
My hopes are still green
Smelling berries, sweet and clean
I'm an old soul, but not yet done
Mountains are calling me
Too many roads not yet gone
I'm an old soul and a loner
No shadow is chasing me
I'm not a moaner
Too many wounds I own, though
I'm a loner and it's dark
But the moon is still shining stiff and stark

The Night

Last night,
I stole a night from universe
You, and I and a handful of lust
In the absence of the jealous sun
Under the blurry drunken moon
Stars encircled us
like covetous wolves
Hungering for our gambling love and delight
I stole a night
Full of your soft breath.
My ticking heart,
Your harboring bosom,
My shivering body,
And the wine,
As our sole witness
This should be the life
Seized by God
As a penalty for true love.

Maryam Bahraminejad writes: I have MA in English Literature and work as a writer in Gece Journal and Siirden Dergi, two Turkish literary journals. I also teach English language in my free time. I write poems and Short stories in English, Persian and Turkish. My story, 'White Roses and Prune Stew', has appeared in eFiction Magazine. My Turkish poems have appeared in Şiirden Dergi, Lacivert Journal and Gece Journals. One of my English poems, named 'Listen', was included in Gone Lawn Journal. I have a collection of Persian poetry coming out this year. I also write articles on critical theories and postmodern American literature. I voraciously read literary, philosophical and mystical works, and extensively write poems and short stories. Poetry for me is way of resisting to those outmoded discourses that still dominate the world. I believe a new discourse and context are needed to uncouple poetry from the prevalent literary trends.