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Gone Lawn 22
Summer, 2016

New Works

Teddy Kimathi


He climbed up the ladder, and plucked some stars from the night sky — they looked like glowing peas. He assembled them together and put them in his trousers pockets. They didn't burn. They were as cold as a bulb that wasn't switched on. A smile radiated on his face, almost as though some stars were locked in his mouth. He was a Cancer. His lover was Sagittarius. The plan was to join the stars together, and create Sagittarius on his birthday. No one was to know anything about it, not even his girlfriend. Before the night of his birthday, he picked his Sagittarius and fixed it in the night sky. An outdoor party was in his wild card list, with sky gazing as his favorite moment. He would become his girlfriend's soul-mate astrologically — their culture demanded that in their marriage and courtship traditions. Two lovers had to be born at a similar astrological clock. As the day of his birthday commenced, his Sagittarius slowly turned to Orion. It was the period for Orion, and has always been. He couldn't see from the sunlight, that the stars were re-arranged.

The muse of poetry-writing visited Teddy in 2002, while he was pursuing his studies in Nkubu High School. You can find his poems in Inwood Indiana Press, Shot Glass Journal, Leaves of Ink, 50 Haikus, The Mamba Journal, BlogNostics, Tanka Journal, Paper Wasp, UHTS (Cattails),Three Line Poetry & Literature Today. He also has fiction works in Beyond Science Fiction, Jitter Press & Every Day Fiction. "The Milky Way In Words," his poetry book, is published in Booktango.