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Gone Lawn 5
Autumn, 2011

Featured drawing Distort, by David Rosen.

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Aparna Raj Mukhedkar

From Beyond the Moon

Each full moon he visited me. Like a specter visible mid-morning. He never spoke. Just stood there as I worked in the garden planting, pruning, mowing the lawn. He wore a long cream robe tightened at the waist by a starry sash. Gone were the days when fear pricked at the back of my neck and traveled wearily down to my soles. He stood looking and I cowered from within. I never showed my fear but he sensed, I could see. He never took a step forward or backwards, he glided sideways sometimes as if adjusting to the movement of the sun. He was a creature from the planets that came before ours. He had to be. He just wasn't like one of us. His face was round with a single eye that covered his forehead. His nose was pointed but less prominent than his lips which were forever parted. I was too afraid to gaze, lest he thought I was being rude. He had a lapel pin on his right sleeve that shone brightly like the sun above us. My eyes rested on it each time, for colors of the universe danced around drawing my attention to it. It was hypnotic. He transferred messages as he glared intensely at me. I had lovely, sad eyes, he said in my head. Perhaps, he had come to take me from this earth to his home and readily I would go. If I could be like him, evoking peace and tranquility on other humans, I would go. I'd gladly travel to far away places and bring back the knowledge so we could be saved from our own selves. I would go. That's the problem here, I wanted to tell him. We are our own enemies. I did not ask him who he was and why he never visited me at night or other days when there was no full moon? Not a word we spoke. Just stood there in silence.
Until this moment.
He opened his mouth and out came a series of musical notes. I recognized them as the seven primary notes and he spoke using them as he moved sideways and told me to sing. For all my 62 years, I have been deaf and mute. I threw away my rake and stood there like an opera singer. My arms raised and my head tilted to face the sun, I began to sing. I began low at first and raised to a high alto and I belted out an aria even though I did not know how to sing an opera or any other form of music for that matter. I was unaware as to what I was singing and in which language. My eyes were closed as I sang, when I opened them I saw the entity standing there with an expression of serenity that was reminiscent of Buddha's visage. When I stopped, I felt it for the first time. Everything around me, from the sounds of the day, to the birds, insects buzzing, snakes, cars, lawn mowers, everything disappeared. My feet that were planted firmly felt as though the earth had sucked me in by a few inches. But, I dared not look down. I continued to stand and stare mesmerized, and soon he disintegrated into thin air. Suddenly, I found myself being lifted in the air, up, up and up I rose and looked down at the statue I had become. My spirit was rapturous. I turned away and moved closer to the light that swallowed me in seconds.

My name is Aparna Raj Mukhedkar. I am a writer currently residing in Tomball, TX. I enjoy writing short stories, poems and non-fiction. I am an avid reader, love to travel around the world, paint, meditate and sing Indian classical music.