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Gone Lawn 16
Autumn, 2014

Featured painting, Old Dream Collector by Andrea Wan.

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Neila Mezynski


— Again when before she was in bed propped up those same pillow on head only she had toe in water on sand then, diggin for wood to paint white make boat tree house please, now. Careful not to steal lookin for gold. He there first. They'll come play try to forget, get scared at mess, driftin, noisy. Never saw before. Then.

— Come hear noisy lone person like before only now she paint white brown driftin on water . Birds meet so still for meeting until get hungry then start crashin dashin, hard to find gold or sardine. No more surprise until she hand her more shape again, brown for white hard to make fit. A place so high at top of step, always. Hard to please group make noise if not. Quiet brown on white not to scare. Might run away. First time cook. Quietly.

— Can't go wrong all this love and glue. String. Sit tight might have somethin here or there. Hard to see crashing dashing in between. Round on top my dear appear , we have it now four time four. Before.

— Choice don't hurt much she decide. Those bird might help then even now. Swoop and sweep no touch please those wing concentrate on fish, she'll look for brown on water on white paint . Nothin hurt now.

More about Neila Mezynski can be found on her Facebook page.