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Gone Lawn 29
Summer, 2018

Featured photograph, Levitation 1 by Christopher Woods.

New Works

Mateo Lara

Killing the Sacred Deer

the curse among men
was luminous
was sacrifice of bitter truth in this No-Country
sacrifice of the tired-self for reprieve
sacrifice of jealousy electric in the abdomen.
Sail with Achilles to a yester-year war
Impregnate foolish thought and kill the sacred deer
Artemis beat in my heart—you are kickstarting the beginning once more.

Iphigenia held hand to bleed
Like no one else
The worst part is you might leave
The worst part is you will.
Turn every paradox into purpose
Plan ahead, & if you leave
Remember the daunting seas of this land.
I am a forest bled out, brush & wind at brown cheek
Easy, easy, warrior come sleep in silence
No shadow will pierce the light we left.
Notice the shades of our wound.
Some dark spot red with fury
I will cross storms to calm another
Tear out poisonous mouth
To retreat into new territory
Spill the precious human life
For the bloom.

Mateo Lara is from Bakersfield, California. He has a chapbook, X, Marks the Spot available on Amazon. His poems have been featured in Orpheus, EOAGH, Empty Mirror and The New Engagement. He is an editor for RabidOak online literary journal.

You can also follow me on twitter: @killeremm.